Children members of "military-patriotic" club Steppen Wolves, holding a wooden prop of AK-47 during military training. 

The posters hanging on the Ilovaisk city council building depicts recently deceased militia commanders Mikhail Tolstykh 'Giwi' (Left) and Arseniy Pavlov 'Motorola' (Right). The signs on top says: “Ilovaisk remembers its heroes.”

Members of Steppen Wolves before the Saturday training starts. 

The first thing that catches the eyes of the pupils attending the secondary school №12 in Ilovaisk (DPR), is a smiling face of Mikhail Tolstykh on the black memorial board hanging at the entrance.

Alena and Elia, both 12 years-old, waiting for the military training to start.

The Steppen Wolves line up before the training starts. Children aged from 6 till 18 attend military tactics lesson and physical training three times per week. Maksym (left), 18 year-old is the commander.

“As our Steppen Wolves enter the school, they look at Mikhail and want to be like him - to defend our land,” says Maksim. “They don`t want war here anymore. They are striving to defend. When I ask other members of the club what they plan for future, they all say that they will enter the military academy“.

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