Brazilian photographer based in Paris, João Bolan works as a freelance since 2013. His latest works are centered on social issues in large urban centers and aftermath of armed conflicts.

Graduate from Magnum Photos masters for Creative Documentary & Photojournalism, João has worked for brands, newspapers and personal projects in Brazil, France, Kenya and Eastern Ukraine. He has since developed an authorial body of work, with an approach on photo reportage and documentary.
Musée Immédiat, 128p Paris, 2017, published by Essarter Editions

Eu amo comida, 100p, Sao Paulo, 2016, published by Editora MOL
São Paulo: Crônicas Visuais, 2015, Sorocaba, Brazil. 
ONZE, 2015, São Paulo, Brazil. 
VERA Art Festival, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal. 
2016 in Pictures, Spéos Gallery, Paris, France. 
Vois OFF Arles Photography Festival, 2016 Arles, France.
Occupation at Jean Jaurés, 2016, Agence Magnum Photos, Paris, France.
La Goutte d'Or, La Reguliére Gallery, 2017, Paris, France.
Stromboli, Espaço Cores & Molduras, 2017, Criciúma, Brazil. 
Musée Immédiat, Atelier Meraki, 2017, Paris, France.
Paris, France
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