Soldier poses for a portrait at a position inside the airport's parking lot.

Soldier holds his AK-47 rifle.

Soldiers getting ready for a contact line patrol.

A soldier take a break from fighting. The battalion keeps a few cats and dogs around for mine search.

At the main position inside the airport, soldiers keep an exemplar of Spartacus, a novel by Italian writer Raffaello Giovagnoli. The book tells the story of a commander guiding an army of slaves fighting for freedom from the Roman Empire.

Soldier's ratio.

Soldier among wreckage at the boarding hall of the Airport.

Coal factory in Avdiivka, seen from DPR position in the airport strip.
Avdiivka is a major Ukrainian stronghold, mainly due its strategic position and economical relevance. Just about a kilometer away from Ukrainian position, in the area around the airport, fight never ceased.

Just a few hundred meters southwest of the Airport, Iverskaya cemetery is located in an area controlled by rebels. Still a heavily mined place,  graveyards and the Monastery nearby are badly damaged.

Iversky Monastery main door, damaged by shelling. The monastery sits about 500 m from the Airport frontline.

Arseny Pavlov's grave in the outskirts of Donetsk. Known by his nom de guerre 'Motorola', the mythical leader of Sparta Battalion was assassinated inside his apartment in 2016, under murky circumstances.

The battalion's flag sitting on top of the new terminal at Donetsk Airport. 

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