Memories, SP

Pedro Lessa Square, 2014.
Sao Paulo Downtown, 2013.
Faria Lima avenue and Reboucas avenue, 2010.
Moema, 2015.
Comunidade Mata Virgem, 2013.
Mirante do Vale, 2014.
Minhocao, 2015.
Viaduto Santa Efigenia, 2013.
Rua Alvares Penteado, 2014.
Dadi, Haitian artists living in Av. Pacaembu. 2014. 
Didi, waiter at Restaurante Ita, a traditional portuguese restaurant at the heart of Downtown. 2014.
Celebrations for the "Black Awareness Day" at Alvares Penteado st. 2014. 
Lar Maria Sininha, 2014.
Voodoohop party at Cine Marrocos, an old cinema occupied by the homeless. 2014.
Oxil's Atelier. Oxil is a graffiti artist that live and works in downtown Sao Paulo. 2014.
Sao Bento st, 2014.
Luz station, 2014.
Minhocao, 2015.
Bus remains at Downtown. Rioters set this bus on fire in retaliation of a violent repossesion suit of a building. 2014.
Police Squad at Republica square. 2014.
Police squad runs to detain protesters at Republica Square. 2014.
Man smoking, 2014.
Party at Up Club SP, 2014.
Party at Hospital Matarazzo. 2014.
Couple at Alberta #3 nightclub. 2009.
Sala Sao Paulo. 2014.
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