Tonjé Bakang, 34. Founder of Afrostream, a video stream service focused on afro content.
Olga Petrenko, ukranian architechture student.
Andrea & Maria.
Dati Arte, brazilian artist based in Paris | Foster Mickley, New Yorker photographer.
Alain Passard, french chef and owner of the three-star restaurant L'Arpège in Paris.
Signora Anna Bini, italian acclaimed chef and restaurateur. 
Arseniy Finberg, volunteer at Florivska 9/11, an IDP center in Kiev.
Volodymyr Nazarenko, former war combatent on ukrainian side. Full article here
Evgeniya Andriyuk, member of SOS Crimea, an NGO that work to maintain and preserve human rights of Tartar population in Crimea. 
Emanwell Mayassi, representative of A Casa, opposition party in Angola. Full article here
Didi, waiter at ITA, a traditional portuguese restaurant in central Sao Paulo. 
Dady Simon, haitian artist based in Sao Paulo. You can find some of his latest work here
Hassan (pseudonym), from N'Djamena, Chad. Full article here
Bruno Salazar, french plastic surgeon and chairman of HumaniTerra, a NGO specialized in improving the surgical offer available in developing countries.
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