Oussman, Smith and AB, founders of La Draft. (ladraftparis.com)

Wendy Huynh, founder of Arcades magazine. (arcadesmagazine.com)

Florian Gravier, founder of Flaneurz. (flaneurz.com)

Sambou, founder of 235th Barber St. (facebook.com/235ThBarberStreet)

Joel and Augustin, founders of You Order. (you-order.eu)

Saliha and Maâde, founders of Copelican. (copelican.fr)

Ruben and Adama, founders of Benny's Hot Dog.

Youssuf, founder of Maison Chateau Rouge. (maison-chateaurouge.com)

Mounira, founder of Niyya. (niyyaparis.com/)

Natacha Bako, stylist. (by-natachabaco.com)

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